BBC Bodyguard Burned Aceh Baby's Corpse After Tsunami

By MARTIN BECKFORD (Telegraph.co.uk)
Craig Summers (FOTO - Telegraph.co.uk)
London, TAG - A BBC bodyguard has admitted that he burned the corpse of a baby because he feared it was a threat to his journalists’ health.

Craig Summers found the body of a one year-old boy outside the house in Banda Aceh, the capital of Indonesia's Aceh province, where he was staying with a reporter, Ben Brown, and his production team.
He believed the had been purposefully left on the doorstep of the “BBC house” in the aftermath of the Boxing Day 2004 disaster, which killed more than 200,000 people across south Asia.
But rather than reporting it to the authorities or trying to contact any surviving relatives, Mr Summers has told in his autobiography how he set fire to it on a pile of rubbish as it was rotting and unidentifiable.
He doused the corpse in petrol and lit it, because he believed otherwise it could have led to his team becoming infected.
Mr Summers, who is now head of security at Sky TV, wrote: “Nobody got sick on that trip. Nobody even came close to diarrhoea and I knew that I had done my job keeping everyone else healthy.
"I ran a tight ship ensuring everyone always washed their hands with wet wipes.
“The baby was an obstacle to their health; the next day it would be a blocked toilet. I hadn’t known it was coming but I had to deal with it and I would do the same again.”
Mr Summers, 52, swore two witnesses to secrecy and was recently urged by senior figures at the BBC not to publish his book, called 'Bodyguard: My Life On The Frontline'.
Neither the Corporation nor those with Mr Summers on the trip wished to comment on his claims.[]

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