Aceh Students Protest Anas Visit


Banda Aceh, TAG - Dozens of university students here joined in a “Rejecting Corruptors Community” rally on Saturday, a protest directed against the visit of Democratic Party chairman Anas Urbaningrum, who has been accused of involvement in multiple graft cases.

The students rallied at the Simpang Lima roundabout in Banda Aceh and carried banners reading “Reject Corruptors. Expel Anas from Aceh.”

“We refused Anas because he is allegedly involved with several graft cases investigated by KPK [Corruption Eradication Commission],” the coordinator of the community, Heri Tamliqa, said.

Anas was in Aceh to attend the inauguration of the Democrats’ provincial party board.

The university students performed street theater as well, dragging around a mock corruptor with a rope tied to its neck. Besides rejecting the Anas visit, demonstrators also urged the KPK to speed up and seriously investigate the graft cases allegedly involving him.

“Despite Anas being the chairman of a big party, it doesn’t mean that he should be immune from the law,” Heri said. “We want to remind KPK to fulfill its promise that it would solve Hambalang and the athletes village case allegedly involving Anas in a year.”

Heri said that because Aceh is known as the “Veranda of Mecca,” corruptors who caused people’s suffering should be barred from visiting.

“This is punishment from Aceh university students,” he said.

Graft convict Muhammad Nazaruddin, who is from the same party, has accused Anas of receiving kickbacks from construction company Adhi Karya to ensure its appointment as contractor for the Hambalang sports complex in Bogor.

The Democratic chairman has not yet been named an official suspect in any corruption case.[]

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