Top Minister Calls Aceh Governor Candidates To Peacefully Compete

Banda Aceh, TAG – The Coordinating Minister of Political, Legal and Security Affairs Joko Suyanto has called on all Aceh governor candidates to peacefully compete in the 9 April upcoming local polls in the northern most Indonesian's province.

His calling came when giving speech during declaration of peacefull election in the front of Great Baiturrahman Mosque in the provincial capital of Banda Aceh on Wednesday. He stated that the polls is a democratic tool to develop better Aceh.
"Our strong determination today is to carry out the elections better than five years ago. At that time, some people doubted we’d not carry out the elections peaceful, but we could pass smoothly, " Djoko said.
He called on all candidates to let the Acehnese people to choose their leaders according to their rights so the elected leaders can develop oil and gas rich-region for the prosperities of its people. 
"Let's create a sense of security to the people of Aceh so that they can choose their leader to bring the prosperity. Let’s involve community participation and  compete with a healthy and peaceful, " he said.
"The people of Aceh and Indonesia do not want to see what we are doing today only a mere ceremonial, without meaning."
One of governor candidates Irwandi Yusuf asked by reporters regarding the declaration of peaceful elections stated that he welcomed. However, he expected all candidates to respect the rules and keep supporting actions that could not disrupt the peace in Aceh.
"The important is attitude of candidate. There are not important 200 thousand signatures we signed, 200 thousand poems of peace we read, and 500 thousand peace songs we sing if the candidates still have an evil plan in his heart," he said.
Asked whether the peaceful declaration will be effective to stem intimidation and terror, Irwandi mentioned that it depends on each candidate and his followers. "Terror and intimidation are still there and quite structured," Irwandi said, without elaborating details.
Zaini Abdullah, the Aceh Party governor candidate, said the local party cadres never intimidated and terror against the people ahead of upcoming elections. "We pray to God and I hope there are no more such accusations, it's not good. There are others who want to disturb the (situation), " he said.
Asked whether the Aceh Party cadres were behind terror and intimidation, Zaini  stated that the party cadres did not involve in any such intimidation and terror. "It's provocation. We really do not get involved. We follow the regulations, " he said.[]
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