Aceh Governor Candidates Declare Peaceful Election

Banda Aceh, TAG – Five governor candidates and their running mates contesting in the upcoming Aceh local polls have declared peaceful elections in front of historical Baiturrahman Mosque in the provincial capital Banda Aceh on Wednesday. 
The candidates are Ahmad Tajudin aka Abi Lampisang – T. Suriansyah, Irwandi Yusuf – Muhyan Yunan, Darni M. Daud – Ahmad Fauzi, Muhammad Nazar – Nova Iriansyah and Zaini Abdullah – Muzakir Manaf.
The chairman of Independent Commission Election (KIP) Aceh Abdul Salam Poroh, said that the declaration of peaceful elections come from spirit to keeping the peace in the oil and gas rich province that reached between the Indonesian government and Free Aceh Movement (GAM) in 2005.
“It’s also based on the spirit of brotherhood, unity and obedience to the rules from all participants,” he said.
Aceh local polls scheduled 9 April to choose governors, 13 districts' chief and four mayors. According to the schedules issued by KIP, the campaigned period to  begun on 22 March till 5 April. The number of voters in Aceh reached more than 3.2 million people with 9786 polling stations.
Guided by the Chairman of Aceh’s Consultative Council of Ulama Tgk. Muslim Ibrahim, the candidates read four points declaration issued by KIP Aceh. Then, all candidates signed an inscription of peaceful elections declaration.
In the declaration, all candidates agreed to hold the polls with dignity, safety, and welfare for Acehnese people. The second point says, "Ensuring supporters to campaign according to the rules and norms."
The candidates also pledged to mutual respect between fellow participants by not to intimidate, provoke or perform actions that could disturb the peace. They also expressed readiness to accept defeat gracefully and to appreciate the winning.
The declaration witnessed by some Indonesian ministers, the Military Forces (TNI) Chief Admiral Agus Suhartono, the National Police Chief Gen. Timur Pradopo, some members of the National House Representatives and senators, members of Aceh’s parliament, Aceh officials, districts’ chiefs and mayors throughout Aceh as well as hundreds of residents of Banda Aceh.
The upcoming local elections, which are slated for April 9 following a series of delays over political bickering. The along-awaited polls has been marred by a spate of unresolved shootings and fire-bombings that claimed nine civilians since last December.
While analysts and some Indonesian House Representatives have warned that the violence is aimed at disrupting the elections, some local authorities say the shootings are purely criminal in nature and motivation.[]
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