Woman Goes on YouTube Clarifying Tweeter Insulting Islam

BANDA ACEH, (TAG) – A woman wearing green veil introducing herself as Carella from the east Java provincial capital Surabaya went on a video sharing website YouTube to clarifying on a twitter account that blatantly insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad through tweets.

There were two videos which entitle ‘Carella’s clarification as a victim’ has been uploaded by an account named Carellaxoxo on Sunday. The first is only 49 seconds, while another one for 1 minute and 43 second length videos.

Carellaxoxo on the description of first video mentioned, “Sorry, I just woke up and finished bathing. It’s quite tired by the issue of 'Tengku Sophia' because that’s not me. I also apologized if my words were not clear. I was confused what and how to say.”

A twitter account 'Tengku Sophia' insulted Islam and the Prophet Muhammad on its tweets. The tweeter saying from Jakarta put a teen woman photo on the profile believed to be a fake. As of Monday afternoon, there's no action taken by Indonesian authorities as the account is still active and has 42,420 followers but it does not post any single new tweet since the latest one on February 10.
Most of its tweets if read by Muslims, they would be furious because it blatantly insulting Islam. There has been many reactions on twitter and other social medias following the case sticking in the last few days. Many condemned the account of 'Tengku Sophia' while others called to report as spam. 
After greeting and introducing herself as Carella, the woman said she wanted to clarifying a fact that she never knew 'Tengku Sophia’. “It’s really disturbing to me and my personal life and also my partner,” she said.
“Honesty I didn’t know anything and never insult Islam because I’m a Muslim too,” Carella said, urging the irresponsible person who scalp her photo and put on twitter account to solve this case. “Hopefully, it can immediately resolve.”
The video has been watched by more than 5,500 viewers as of Monday afternoon. So far, there has been 62 comments left. Most comments giving support to Carella and asked her to be strong, but some criticizing and asked her to show her real profile through email.
“It’s a massive insulting Islam. The clarification could not being done through cyber. If Carella aka Tengku Sophia is really a Muslim and does not feel guilty and want to clarify from slander, so please cooperate,” mentioned someone namely Evanlonwai on its comment.
In the second video, Carella who wearing a brown veil mentioned once again that she really didn’t know ‘Tengku Sophia’. The tweeter, she adeed, has been using all of her photos prior she wearing veil and after. The video has been viewed by some 1,230 people and left 13 comments.
“Honestly, this is really disturbing in my life. Please, don’t put a photo of mine as Tengku Sophia because I’m not Tengku Sophia! Locals resident in Surabaya has blasphemed me because allegedly I has been insulting Islam whereas I’m just a victim that pictures using by ‘Tengku Sophia’,” Carella explained.[]
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