UPDATE: The Last Day for 'IRNA'

Irwandi and Nazar shake hands - AK Photo
BANDA ACEH, (TAG) – Irwandi Yusuf and his running mate Muhammad Nazar ended their five years terms as the Aceh governor and vice governor Tuesday. They should leave the power despite Aceh new governor not elected yet.

Irwandi ended his last officially day with holding a closed door meeting with all government stakeholders discussing the security situation in the province and some other issues related to the coming elections.
Nazar left the office yesterday and then flew to Jakarta to attend the ceremony of inaugurating Tarmizi Karim as Aceh acting governor. Before leaving, Nazar told local journalists his visit to Jakarta was a part of last job as the vice governor. When returning to Aceh, he is just an ordinary people, Nazar said.
After holding meeting and signing almost a hundred letters, Irwandi also flew to Jakarta to take part on the ceremony scheduled Wednesday in Home Affair Ministry Office. Some Aceh figures including provincial parliament members also to attend the inaugurating ceremony.
Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi will inaugurate Tarmizi as acting Aceh governor. He’ll serve acting governor in Indonesia’s northern most province until definitive governor elected in the coming local elections scheduled to be held April 9. In the votes, Acehnese also to choose 13 districts’ chief and four mayors.

Tarmizi Karim
Tarmizi is an Acehnese figure who now the head of education training centers at Home Affairs Ministry. He served as acting East Kalimantan in 2007. Tarmizi was also a former of North Aceh district's chief. His name frequently cited as an Aceh gubernatorial candidate, but no single national-based political parties summited him to run on the elections.
Irwandi-Nazar that briefed as ‘IRNA’ became a governor and vice governor in the first directly local elections on December 11, 2006. Their winning believed as the most remarkable outcomes of peace process in Aceh after the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and Indonesian government signed a historic agreement in Helsinki, Finland, on August 15, 2005 to end armed conflict in the province.
Irwandi known as the former GAM strategist and propagandist, as his mate Nazar was former pro independence student leader who actively campaigned  a referendum for Aceh. Both were former political prisoners. They gained 38 per cent of the vote, far ahead his nearest rival who won 17 per cent.
On the last day in the office, Irwandi told journalists he had been informed that Tarmizi to become acting governor despite he proposed the Provincial Secretary Teuku Setiabudi as at caretaker. One reason is the vacancy occurs within three month prior to a definitive governor elected.
Irwandi says that his successor need to work hard to finish the discussion of the 2012 Aceh budget with the parliament that had no passed yet, though it was approved. "If Secretary Setiabudi, it’s more easily, because it’s connected. There is discussion of budget not finished yet," he said.
After giving a short press statement, Irwandi held a meeting with government stakeholders discussing about security situation and preparing of the coming elections.
The figures who attended such closed door meeting were deputy parliament speaker Sulaiman Abda, Aceh police chief Ins. Gen. Iskandar Hasan, Iskandar Muda Military Commander Maj. Gen. Adi Mulyono, provincial prosecutor chief Muhammad Yusni, the head of  province Consultative Assembly of Ulema (MPU) Muslim Ibrahim and some others.
Irwandi (L) chats with Nazar -- SERAMBINEWS  Photo
Sulaiman informed the issues about intimidation facing by villagers ahead of the coming votes that had been delayed for three times. Iskandar says the all Acehnese elements hope the coming polling should be free, democratic and fairness without any terror and intimidation.
He said that he is trying to initiate a declaration of peace campaign that attended by all gubernatorial candidates and his running mates in the next few weeks. He is still lobbying some parties and figures to creat a ‘Peace Forum.’
“All component should support the peace election in Aceh. We will declare a peace campaign in front of the Baiturrahman Mosque,” Iskandar said. “The point is all candidates should be ready to lose and ready to win.”
A day before, Irwandi called Acehnese to fight against terror and intimidation. His calling came following two latest shooting occurred Sunday night and early Monday in East Aceh district when unidentified gunmen fired on a former rebel’s house and the campaign post of a candidate who running for the district’s chief.
Irwandi pointed that the terror and intimidation is happening door to door in some part of the province. “There is some intimidation house to house. They told the villagers if their part won’t win (in the coming local election), Aceh’s going to war again,” he said.
But, he didn’t mention who is behind the intimidation. He just asked people no to be afraid to fight against terrors which believed done by irresponsible groups. “It’s a bullshit that must not to be followed. If there is an intimidation or even terror, people should report to security authorities,” Irwandi said.
He said that it’s time for the people of Aceh to fight against all kinds of terror and intimidation that they faced. “In the past we fought against the tyranny from outside, and now it's time for people to be bold fighting the oppression from the inside” Aceh, he said.
The candidates pose after pulling the numbers -- AK Photo
The elections had initially been scheduled to take place last November but got derailed when Aceh Party threatened a boycott in response to a Constitutional Court ruling allowing independent candidates to run.
The Aceh Independent Election Commission (KIP) went on to register candidates anyway, regardless of boycott by the local party, which dominates the provincial legislature and derives its support from former members of the now-disbanded GAM. KIP rescheduled the votes on December 24, but again changed to Feb 16.
The Aceh Party registered its gubernatorial candidate, Zaini Abdullah after the Constitutional Court ordered for the second times in January the reopening of the registration window for candidates who missed out on the previous period. Because of some technical reasons, KIP finally decided to move the polling day on April 9.
Zaini, the former GAM foreign minister in exile, will join the race alongside Irwandi, the incumbent and a fellow former GAM official, as well as Nazar, Ahmad Tajuddin, a local traditional of Islamic boarding school and Darni M. Daud, the rector of Syiah Kuala University. Only Nazar and Zaini backed by political parties, with the three others running as independent candidates.[]
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