Twitter Account Insulting Islam Deleted

Banda Aceh, TAG – A twitter account who once blatantly insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad has finally been deleted and doest not exist after an angrily spark comdemned on social media from Muslims, especially in Malaysia and Indonesia.

A tweeter TengkuSophia had been insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad through it tweet posting. It’s latest posting on February 10 saying, “Azan Maghrib (a call for evening prayers) is enough for yourself, do not disturb (other) people. Damn, you know it???”
When The Aceh Globe searched the account Saturday, it has been missing. Only a sentence saying, “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!” on its appearance. There’re some Tengku Sophia accounts on the twitter nowadays which most of them saying they love Islam and proud to be Muslim.
Previously, the account put a young woman photo on its profile introduced herself as a Christian. “I am who I am. I’m pretty normal (but) not perfect and run into things,” she mentioned.
As of early this week, the account had more than 42,400 followers but does not post any single new tweet since the latest on on February 10. There’s no immediate report if the authorities has investigated the case.
Most of the TengkuSophia tweets if read by Muslims, they would be furious because it blatantly insulting Islam. There has been many reactions on twitter and other social medias following the case sticking in the last few weeks. Many condemned the account of 'Tengku Sophia' while others called to report as spam. 
Since the account sparked condemned on social media such as Facebook and twitter, a young woman wearing veil introducing herself as Carella from the east Java provincial capital Surabaya Sunday went on a video sharing website YouTube to clarifying on a twitter account TengkuSophia.
In the videos Carella said she wanted to clarifying a fact that she never knew 'Tengku Sophia’. “It’s really disturbing to me and my personal life and also my partner,” she said.
“Honesty I didn’t know anything and never insult Islam because I’m a Muslim too,” Carella said, urging the irresponsible person who scalp her photo and put on twitter account to solve this case. “Hopefully, it can immediately resolve.”[]
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