The Sunset

A view of sunset in Alue Naga village of Banda Aceh
Aceh is one of the Indonesia's province located on the northern tip of Sumatra island. It's a very beautiful area, especially in the evening that we can enjoy the sunset.

On December 26, 2004, Aceh's coast hit by the Indian Ocean tsunami following the 9.3-magnitude earthquake. It's said the biggest disaster in modern human history. 
More than 170,000 Acehnese killed in the disaster but the rebuilding of devastated areas could be completed in five years. At least 220,000 people in 13 affected countries along the Indian Ocean died in the tragedy.
Before the tsunami, Aceh was one of the dangerous area because of armed conflict between the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) guerrillas, who seek an independence for the rich of natural gas province, and Indonesian security forces. 
Both sides signed a historic peace agreement on August 15, 2005 in Helsinki, Finland, to end almost 30 year bloody war that claimed more than 25,000 people, mostly civilians. In the agreement, GAM agreed to drop its independence demand and accepted the broader special autonomy for Aceh.
Previously, there were some peace agreements reached by both parties but failed implementing in the ground as each other accused broke the truce. Some said that the latest agreement could be implemented because of some pressures to both parties from the international community in order to rebuild the devastated areas.
Now the Acehnese enjoying the peaceful situation and trying hard to rebuild the province even some small violence still happen. But in general, the situation is conducive and the people still outside till midnight, the condition that could not be found during the conflict.
Here are some pictures of the sunset taken around its capital Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar district:

A padicab driver passed a becho in fishermen's Alue Naga village in Banda Aceh
A view of sunset in Banda Aceh's Alue Naga village 
A padicab driver in Banda Aceh's Alue Naga village

A view of sunset in Banda Aceh's Alue Naga village
Some people enjoying the sunset in Banda Aceh's Ulee Lheue port
A view of sunset in Banda Aceh's Ulee Lheue village
A view of Aceh Besar district's Lam Nga village

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