Shooting Related To Personal Matters Denied

BANDA ACEH, (TAG) – Asnawi Abdul Rahman, whose house was firing by gunmen over the weekend on Thursday denied the incident related to personal matters with the penetrators as Aceh police chief's believed.

“I never owe money from anyone, except to Allah. The statement that mentioned by Aceh police chief not true,” Asnawi said as quoted by Serambinews.
He added that he won’t be speculates on the media about the shooting to his house by at least four gunmen who covering their faces, approached the house by riding two motorcycle on Sunday evening when he was not at home located in east Aceh district’s Peureulak sub-district.
"All these (incident) I leave to Allah, because He is Just, all Knowing, and all Seeing," Asnawi said in a text message sent to the local newswire. 
According to local police chief, the penetrators stood outside the fence and began firing at the emptied house that suffered minor damages. No one injured in the incident. After firing the house, he penetrators flee.
Asnawi is a campaign's coordinator team of Aceh gubernatorial candidat Irwandi Yusuf in the area. He’s a former Free Aceh Movement (GAM) fighter. After a peace truce reached between GAM and Jakarta government in Helsinki, Finland, in 2005 to end 29 years armed conflict in the province, he became as the contractor businessman.
On Wednesday Aceh police chief, Ins. Gen. Iskandar Hasan said that the shooting no related to the coming election, as it’s believed to be personal matters.
“The shooting was a warning given to the victim because he was asked to pay his debts many times,” Iskandar said, adding police still investigating the case to find penetrators.
Iskandar believed that the shooting was pure crime and no linked to the local polls in the province to choose governor, 13 districts chief and four mayor that scheduled April 9.
“Based on the investigation led to personal matters, so it’s not related to the elections,” he said. “We call on people to work together in maintaining the peaceful situation here.”
The lead-up to Aceh polls been marred by a spate of unresolved shooting and fir-bombings that claimed six lives since last December. Some have warned, the cases are politically motivated and should not be treated as normal crimes.[]
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