Police Probe on Journalist’s Beaten

BANDA ACEH, (TAG) – Aceh police chief Ins. Gen. Iskandar Hasan Friday admitted he has ordered his men in east Aceh to seriously investigate the case of journalist who beaten by contractor businessman and his friend at a sub-district’s local police station.
“I have ordered (police in east Aceh) to probe. Now it’s being investigated,” he told journalists in the provincial capital Banda Aceh. Iskandar confirmed the incident took place at a remote Banda Alam sub-district police station and said it’s “very embarrassing.”
As reported earlier that Basri Razali, a 34-year old journalist of Jakarta-based Radar Nusantara weekly newspaper and portal news, punched several times by contractor businessman and his friend after victim confirmed of the dusty road to a district’s official on Tuesday. Ironically, it’s seen by local police chief along with some his men.
Iskandar admitted because of the beaten incident, he called by national police spokesman Ins. Gen Saud Usman Nasution in Jakarta. “I told him that the case is being probed,” Iskandar said.
Meanwhile, Saud allegedly the suspects were former of Free Aceh Movement (GAM) fighter. But he mentioned the incident occurred in southeast Aceh, not in east Aceh district. He added the case is being investigated by local police. 
“Hopefully, it can be brought to the trial,” he said as quoted by Vivanews portal. Asked about the motive, Saud couldn’t explain. He mentioned that police is seriously investigating the case. “It’s still probed. I just got the information from Aceh police (chief),” he said.
Basri told The Aceh Globe yesterday that when he’s punched by the suspects, there was no prevention from the policemen. “When asked to clear the matter about I confirmed of dusty road to local official at police station by contractor, I felt save because some policemen there knew that I’m a journalist,” Basri said.
He explained that the incident started when he heard complaints from residents about condition of dusty road in Keude Geurubak, the capital of Banda Alam sub-district in east Aceh, making difficult for locals to do their daily activities, especially when trucks’ passing that road.
Then, Basri called Yusuf Adam, the head of district’s Public Works Department to confirm about the development of road construction.Basri asked Yusuf is that road just hardening or including asphalting.
Minutes later, Basri acknowledged he had a phone call from someone who introduced himself as contractor businessman, namely Sulaiman. He asked Basri to meet but the journalist said he could not meet at the time because he was still covering the local activities.
An hour later, Sulaiman came to Keude Geurubak with his friend. They forced Basri to get in their car, but her refused. Then, they agreed to go to the local police station “to solve the problem.”
"Once out of the car, they punched and hit me several times at all over my head. In angrily they said, 'What’s your business calling Yusuf Adam ', " Basri quoted Sulaiman bluff, adding both also threatening to killed Basri if he still publishing story about the dusty road.
Basri told them that he called Yusuf just to confirm about the road complained by local residents. “But they ignored my explanating. They were increasingly bet me," Basri said.
"When the incident occurred, the local police chief and his men just watching and not tried to intervene. I was greatly regret. Why didn’t the police say anything to stop beating on me. If at the police station they dare to do like this, how in other places."[]
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