Lightning Kills Old Woman in Aceh

Banda Aceh, Feb 2 (TAG) – An old woman from a remote village of Pidie district in Indonesia’s Aceh province died instantly after being hit by lightning, residents said Thursday.
Nyak Maneh, 56, a resident of Keuneue village in Geumpang subdistrict, some 182 kilometers southeast the provincial capital of Banda Aceh, killed as she was keeping the rice in her paddy field Wednesday afternoon, Rahmad, a local in the area said.

“The whole victim’s body turned blue,” Rahmad said.

He added that the victim along with her sister, Rabumah, 50, were guarding the paddies. As the lightning struck, Maneh was just about to go home after driving the sparrows that interfered the paddy.
"At the time of the incident victim with her younger siblings would came home from the fields. When they almost got home, a sudden lightning struck them," said Rahmad adding that Rabumah only slightly injured and unconscious when lightning struck them.
Maneh then buried by locals in the village’s cemetery, Rahmad said.[]

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