The Last Day for ‘IRNA’

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BANDA ACEH, (TAG) – Irwandi Yusuf and his running mate Muhammad Nazar ended their five years terms as the Aceh governor and vice governor Tuesday. They should leave the power despite Aceh new governor not elected yet.

Irwandi ended his last officially day with holding a comprehensive meeting with all government stakeholders discussing about the security situation in the province and some other issues related to the coming elections. Nazar left the office yesterday and then flew to Jakarta to attend the ceremony of inaugurating Tarmizi Karim as the Aceh acting governor.
After holding the meeting and signing almost a hundred letters, Irwandi also flew to Jakarta to take part on the ceremony scheduled Wednesday afternoon in Home Affair Ministry Office. Some Aceh figures like provincial parliament members also to attend the inaugurating ceremony.
Home Affairs Minister Gamawan Fauzi will inaugurate Tarmizi as acting Aceh governor. Tarmizi will serve as acting governor in Indonesia’s northern tip province until definitive governor elected in the coming local elections that scheduled to be held April 9.
Irwandi-Nazar that briefed ‘IRNA’ won in Desember 11, 2006 Aceh local elections. Their winning believed as the most remarkable outcomes of peace process in Aceh after the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) and the Indonesian government signed a historic agreement in Helsinki, Finland, on August 15, 2005 to end an armed conflict in the province.
Irwandi known as the former GAM strategist and propagandist, while his running mate Nazar was a former pro independence student leader. 'IRNA' gained 38 per cent of the vote, far ahead his nearest rival who won 17 per cent.
NOTE: The story is developing
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