Komnas HAM Calls on Govt. To Stop Aceh Violence

Banda Aceh, TAG -  The National Commission on Human Rights (Komnas HAM) is seeking action by the government to put an end to repeated violence in Aceh province prior to the local elections, a report said Monday.

“We want security officials to completely address violent acts in the province before the gubernatorial election,” Komnas HAM spokesman Ifdhal Kasim said in Banda Aceh as quoted by state news agency ANTARA.
Ifdhal made the statements after a meeting with acting Aceh Governor Tarmizi A. Karim to discuss preparations for the upcoming election in the Indonesia’s northern tip province. During the visit, Komnas HAM’s teams reportedly also met the Aceh police chief Ins. Gen. Iskandar Hasan.
Ifdhal said that around 3.3 million people in Aceh would elect the governor and vice governor, along with 13 pairs of district chiefs and vice district chiefs and four mayors and vice mayors during the a long-awaited local election that scheduled April 9.

According to Ifdhal, at least 12 serious acts of violence involving firearms and explosives occurred throughout the province during the past five years.

The lead-up to the polls has been marred by a spate of unresolved shootings and fire-bombings that the Indonesian House of Representatives has warned are politically motivated and should not be treated as normal crimes.
The Komnas HAM spokesman also asked the Aceh administration to play its role in assuring that the elections be run without problems, to guarantee the rights of the local community are preserved.[]
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