'Indonesian Teen Woman’ Insults Islam on Twitter

BANDA ACEH, (TAG) – A twitter account belonging to someone named 'Tengku Sophia' from Indonesia capital Jakarta has blatantly been insulting Islam and the Prophet Muhammad through her tweets.

The account which put a young woman photo on the profile has more than 37.716 followers until Saturday evening. The teen has posted 2,541 tweets. If those read by Muslims, they would be furious.
All postings written in Indonesian language. In the profile, the tweeter does not explain much information about herself. Based on what she wrote, she is a Christian. “I am who I am. I’m pretty normal (but) not perfect and run into things,” she wrote.
The last tweet posted on Februari 10, saying, “Azan Maghrib (a call for evening prayers) is enough for yourself, do not disturb (other) people. Damn, you know it???” The tweeter also said she woke up because of the azan.
On the same day, Sophia posted some tweets straightforward insulted Islam and called “all Muslim to stop prayers and read the Quran.”  She also accused “the Quran was a book that written by the Prophet Muhammad that not to believed.”
In other postings, the @TengkuSophia account bravely challenged The Lord by saying “Allah curses me? Where? When?? *Evil Laugh*." Mostly Sophia’s previous postings were insulting Islam, the Prophet Muhammad and Muslims.
But there is so far no action against Sophia by authorities as the account still active. The fact that twitter has a policy to ban accounts that personally hatred and insulting someone’s religion.
Indonesian Communication and Information Technology Minister Tifatul Sembiring asked for comments through his twitter account didn't response. 
To response Sophia’s tweets, Syuhada Haron, a young Malaysian woman on Friday wrote on her blog entitled “That stupid Tengku Sophia is crazy.” Syuhada wrote that by her checked she said what Sophia has been doing is "so rude and has insulted Muslims people and Islam."
I don't understand why is she doing that. Tengku Sophia. A girl who seek for attention or cheap publicity to gain followers. So pathetic,” Syuhada wrote.
“I really hate her. I mean it. Seriously. First, she insults Islam and Muslim people. If you hate Islam, there's no need to humiliate Islam. I can take it if she says ''I don't like Islam.” But if you insult my religion, that's just too much. Everyone has their own religion.
“I'm a Muslim girl. I'm proud of my religion. But I didn't say I hate others religion. I respect each one of them. They have their own faith and God. But I never insult the others like you do,” she added.[]
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