“I Want To Fight And Get My Money Back”, Dotcom

MEGAUPLOAD boss Kim Dotcom will remain behind bars after a judge of Auckland High Court Friday rejected his appeal for bail while US officials seek his extradition for alleged copyright piracy.

The appeal was rejected after lawyers representing US authorities told the court that a man with history of producing fraudulent travel documents unsuccessfully applied to visit Dotcom while in custody.
Dotcom, the former German hacker who change his name from Kim Schimtz denied any knowledge of the man and said he was not friends with him, New Zealand media reported.
"If people were to approach me and to offer such a service, I would tell them to go to hell," he said. "I have no desire to run away."
Dotcom, 38, and four others were arrested after police raided his $30 million rented Coatesville mansion and a house in Orakei last month. Dotcom, a multimillionaire, argued that all his assets were frozen and he wanted to stay in New Zealand to fight to get his money back.
Justice Asher said there was a possibility that the FBI had not frozen all of Dotcom's funds and that would enable him to illegally leave New Zealand.
 If Dotcom did make it to his home country of Germany, he would be safe from extradition to the U.S. to face the charges.
Dotcom "emphatically'' denies that he was involved in what U.S. authorities have called a "mega conspiracy''.
During his appearance on Friday morning, Dotcom said he has had unwanted letters from female prisoners and a phone call from a man claiming to be a prosecutor while on remand.
Crown lawyer Anne Toohey, on behalf of the U.S government, told the court that a man known to have forged travel documents had also tried to visit Dotcom since he has been on remand in the Auckland central remand prison.
But Dotcom, who has New Zealand residency and lives with his family, said he had not heard of the person and had no intention of fleeing to his birth country where he cannot be extradited to the U.S.
"I'm aware that if I go to Germany I would be unable to un-freeze my assets. What I want to do is stay here to fight and get my money back. What would I do in Germany with five kids and a wife with no money? It is not an option for me.''
He said a man called him at prison asking for money in return for a favorable bail hearing. Dotcom said the man claimed to be a "prosecutor'' and he had reported it to the authorities.
Dotcom told the court that during the raid he was punched in the face by police in his panic room. "And one guy was standing on my hand. It was bleeding,'' he revealed.
Toohey said police maintained Dotcom had resisted police. She asked about a gun in an open safe in the panic room where Dotcom was arrested. 
Dotcom said he had the gun loaded with a plastic round for self-defense. However, Toohey said the firearm was also loaded with shells containing buckshot.
Local media reported that Dotcom had a swimming pool filled with imported spring water, while a waitress who worked at the mansion told Women's Weekly magazine that fittings included gold toilet roll holders and silver plates.
A documentary uploaded online shows Dotcom, surrounded by topless women, spraying champagne on board a super-yacht during a "crazy weekend" in Monaco that reportedly cost $10 million.
"Fast cars, hot girls, super-yachts and amazing parties. Decadence rules," said the blurb accompanying the documentary, which Dotcom dedicated to "all my fans".
The portly millionaire also reportedly had a butler in his mansion whose duties included retrieving stray ping pong balls when Dotcom was playing table tennis.[VARIOUS SOURCES] 
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