Iranian Actress Farahani Bares Breasts in Video


Paris, TAG – The first Iranian to star in a Western film, Goldshifteh Farahani, has created quite a stir in her home country. A photo shoot in Madame Le Figaro, as well as a video made by a French film academy, have many in Iran saying that the actress has given away her honor and her modesty. Both the photos and the video are easily found online, much to the dismay of many.
The photo shoot features Farahani topless, with her hands cupping her breasts. The video is more graphic, as it shows Farahani disrobing and then standing in front of the camera with her breasts un-covered.

Farahani moved to France after she played alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in “Body of Lies” in 2008. It’s known know if she still lives there and her agency has refused to give any comments on the photos or the video. Twitter, Facebook, and blogs have been full of responses to the photos and video.
Some are quick to post negative and harsh remarks about the actress. Others are supportive of her right to choose her life and of her boldness. One of the remarks said, “I’m ashamed to call you an Iranian.” Another said, “We are really proud of you.”
There are young Iranians who feel she was irresponsible because she will have a difficult time ever returning to Iran now. Another says that the video and the photos were nothing more than a stunt for publicity. Still others don’t know what the fuss is all about, since it’s an everyday occurrence in Hollywood.
Mary Apick was a movie star in Iran more than 30 years ago. She won an award at the Moscow Film Festival for best actress in an Iranian film. She said that as time goes on, more performers would likely feel intense pressure to adhere to a strict Islamic code when it comes to their work and their personal lives.
Apick say the video and said that she was shocked. Farahani cannot return to Iran – ever – according to Apick, who now lives in the United States. She said that she really feels with Farahani because no one has ever done such a thing before.
“Government officials have told Farahani that she’s no longer welcome in Iran after posing naked for Madame Le Figaro…,” quoted by the Britain’s Daily Telegraph while breaking the news of banned of actress in her hometown.
The 28-years old Farahani started her career at the age of six when she appeared in theater. Her debut film career was at the age of fourteen.[]
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