Australian Prime Minister Shoe Put on eBay


Canberra, TAG - A shoe advertised as the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard lost when she was dragged away to a acar by her bodyguards attracted a Aus$2,000 (US$2,120) bid before it was pulled from eBay on Friday.
The navy-blue suede wedge shoe came off Gillard's foot on Thursday in Canberra tent embassy as she fled angry Aboriginal rights protesters at an Australia Day awards ceremony.

Activist Pat Eatcok ended up with the size 36 blue heel as a trophy and said it would not be returned to Gillard, even if she asked.

"She can't have it, this is going on eBay," the activist said. "We are going to see if we can get some money for the (tent) embassy."
The online auction website took a listing for what was purportedly the missing shoe with a starting price of Aus$148.
"You are bidding on a used shoe. Please bear in mind also this is a single shoe, not a pair, so it would be difficult to walk in, unless you're the PM," it said, according to Australia’s newspapers.
But it was only online for about 25 minutes before the eBay took it down amid concern it was a hoax and because sellers can only list items they own or the owner has given permission to sell.

"We know the owner is the prime minister," an eBay spokesman said. "The seller did not state anywhere that they had permission, so we've removed it."
Eatock accused Gillard of being "provocative" by holding an Australia Day awards event down the road from the tent embassy. "Why come and be so provocative?" she said as quoted by news.com.au.
Despite protesters holding makeshift weapons, Eatock said "nobody was interested in hurting" Gillard. "Why on earth would we?" she added.
Hundreds of Aboriginal people are holding a three-day event for the 40th anniversary of the controversial tent embassy, set up outside Old Parliament House to argue for land rights.
Tent embassy co-founder Michael Anderson said this was the major reason for surrounding The Lobby restaurant. "We thought no way, so we circled around the building," he said as quoted. "What he said amounts to inciting racial riots."
The violent scenes at The Lobby restaurant came despite organizers of the 40th anniversary event asking protesters to behave. Participants asked to refrain from bringing "alcohol, drugs or violence" to the site of rally.[]
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