Robbers Shoot Two Men, Steal Gold

Banda Aceh, TAG. A gold seller was shot dead and his colleague was seriously wounded when two armed robbers ambushed them on their way home from a market in Pante Ceureumen, West Aceh, police said on Sunday.

 Adj. Sr. Comr. Artanto, the head of West Aceh district, said the robbery took place in the Bukit Tengkorak hills in Pante Ceureumen subdistrict on Saturday at around 3:30 p.m.

The two victims, Yusran, 31, and Ramli, 43, were returning home on a motorcycle to the district town of Meulaboh after selling gold at the Pante Ceureumeun weekly market, about 40 kilometers to the south.

The assailants, also on a motorcycle, are believed to have followed the victims from the market. They then sped up next to the two men while they were passing through a deserted area in Bukit Tengkorak and opened fire, Artanto said,

Both victims were hit and the motorcycle crashed, but Ramli was able to flee into the forest.

Artanto said the robbers then shot Yusran again and took his bag, which contained about 200 grams of gold.

“The gunmen are believed to have used a revolver,” he said. The officer said that the police were still investigating and would “continue our efforts to catch the assailants.”

Passing motorists took Yusran and Ramli, who had returned to the scene, to the general hospital in Meulaboh.

Yusran, who was shot in the head and the chest, died at the hospital. Ramli is still being treated for gunshot wounds to the chest and shoulder.

Police said there were many weapons circulating in the province that date back to the decades of separatist conflict in Aceh, which only ended in 2005.

Although former guerrillas handed over some arms as part of the peace pact, police believe that many weapons still have not been surrendered.[]
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