Couple Shot in Robbery Gone Wrong

Banda Aceh, TAG -  A couple in Aceh were seriously wounded after they were shot by three gunmen in front of their house on Monday night.

 The police said the 48-year-old school principal and his 38-year-old wife, a nurse at a public medical center, had been shot at 10 p.m. in the Cot Bak U village, Lembah Sabil, South West Aceh.

“Saiful took three gunshots to the stomach, while his wife received one shot to her stomach,” South West Aceh Police Chief Adj. Comr. Subakti said.

He said the police were still investigating the motives behind the shooting, but preliminary reports suggested it was an attempted robbery.

“The police are still hunting the perpetrators down, we believe they ran into the nearby forest,” Subakti said.

The perpetrators were dressed in black and wearing masks.

Subakti said the police had also found several AK-47 bullet casings at the scene.

Saiful said he and his wife had just arrived home from the mosque when they heard a noise in front of the house.

When he went out to check, he saw three people inside his garage.

“I came to them and asked who they were and what they were doing but one of them pointed a gun at me and fired,” he said.

Despite being shot, Saiful kept fighting with two of the men before the other man shot him again.

His wife who heard the commotion came out of the house and tried to help her husband, but she too was shot.

“I don’t know why they shot me. I have no enemies and I have a good relationship with everyone,” Saiful said.

The gunshot sounds alerted their neighbors who came out to see what happened but the perpetrators ran away when the neighbors came to the rescue.

Saiful and Arnida are currently recovering in hospital at the South West Aceh General Hospital in Blang Pidie.[] 
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