Couple Recovering After Aceh Shooting

Banda Aceh, TAG - A husband and wife badly injured in a mysterious shooting in Aceh are recovering after successful surgeries, doctors and witnesses said on Wednesday.

The victims, identified as Saiful Azhar, 48, a principal at a local vocational school, and his wife Arnida, 38, a nurse at a local clinic, were being treated at the Southwest Aceh District Public Hospital in the district capital of Blangpidie.

Oval, a surgeon at the hospital, said doctors had on Tuesday evening successfully removed bullet fragments lodged inside the victims and that both were in stable condition.

The chief of police in Southwest Aceh, Adj. Sr. Comr. Subakti, said the shooting had occurred in the village of Cot Bak U in the Lembah Sabil subdistrict at about 10pm on Monday.

“Our preliminary investigation suggests that the incident might have been an attempted robbery,” he said.

He added that the perpetrators were believed to be professionals and armed with AK-47 assault riffles.

“Police are still in pursuit of the suspects, who reportedly fled and hid themselves in the jungle,” Subakti said, adding that two empty bullet casings had been found at the scene.

According to Saiful, he and his wife had just returned home from a nearby mosque where the couple was performing Tarawih, an evening Ramadan prayer, when he heard noises outside the house.

When he went to investigate, three people dressed in black and wearing masks were standing in his driveway.

“I confronted them, asking them who they were and what they wanted,” Saiful said.

“All of a sudden, one of them pointed his rifle at me. I grabbed the tip of the rifle and he opened fire.”

He said that although he was wounded, he managed to wrestle with the three gunmen. The other two perpetrators struck him, while the man carrying the weapon opened fire for a second and third time.

Alerted by the commotion, his wife left the house and hugged him, he said, and the attackers shot her in the stomach.

The perpetrators reportedly fled the scene when several neighbors came to the house after hearing the gunshots.

“I don’t know why they shot me,” he said. “I don’t have any enemies and all this time I have been good to everyone.”

Three bullet wounds were found on Saiful’s lower right abdomen, while one bullet penetrated Arnida’s stomach.[]
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