Aceh Official Survives Gun Attack

Banda Aceh, TAG - Shots were fired at a car carrying the district head of Bener Meriah in Aceh on Wednesday night.
The district head, Tagore A.B., and his driver survived the shooting unharmed.

Speaking to the Jakarta Globe on Thursday, Tagore said he and his driver were on the way home to to Bener Meriah from Takengon, the capital of Central Aceh.

 “When we arrived at the narrow Simpang Teririt bridge, we were attacked by gunshots on the left side of the car. The shots came from two cars,” Tagore said.

“I asked our driver to keep going, even though the windshield had also been shot. I think the attackers ran away after they saw that the light inside the car had been turned on — maybe they thought we were about to fight back,” he said, adding that the perpetrators went on in the direction of the Bireuen district.

Tagore suspected that the attack was premeditated, because the attacker must have known that he never traveled with a police escort.

But Tagore said he was baffled as to the motive of the attack, as he is not aware of any current conflict regarding his position as district head. He refused to speculate whether the shooting was related to his plan to run for office again in the next election in November.

“Two months ago I received a death threat by phone, but I just ignored it,” Tagore said.

 “I never thought I'd be the target of a shooting. Was [the shooting] related to the threat? I don't know. I'll let the police do their job in revealing the motive and catching the perpetrators,” he said.

 Bener Meriah Police Chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Apriyono told the Jakarta Globe that investigations into the incident are ongoing.

 “We inspected the crime scene on Thursday morning but didn't find any bullet cartridges,” Hari said.[]
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