Risk Map Released for Disaster-Prone Aceh

Banda Aceh, TAG - Tsunami experts in Aceh announced on Wednesday that they had compiled a comprehensive map of the risk from disasters in the province.

Agussabti, head of applied research at Syiah Kuala University’s Tsunami and Disaster Mitigation Research Center, said the Aceh Disaster Risk Map showed the potential for casualties and damage across the entire province, down to the subdistrict level.

He said the map, which had taken six months to compile, would be crucial for town planning and development. 

“Future spatial and zoning plans for Aceh must be drawn up in consideration of the risks highlighted by the ADRM, because Aceh is extremely prone to disasters,” he told the Jakarta Globe.
Besides earthquakes and tsunamis, he said, the province is prone to flash floods and landslides. 

Agussabti said the researchers had been prompted to draw up the map by the devastating December 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami that killed almost 170,000 people in Aceh.

“Before the tsunami, most people here never realized they lived in a disaster-prone zone,” he said.
“You could say the ADRM is a first for Indonesia, because it’s comprehensive, takes into account local wisdom and sets a basis for zoning plans.” 

He added that similar disaster risk maps for Bengkulu and Yogyakarta already existed, but were drawn up by outside consultants with little input from local authorities or communities. 

The map has been submitted to the Aceh governor and each of the 23 district heads and mayors in the province, who are expected to introduce it to the public.[]
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