Leading Lady Fine By God: District Chief

Banda Aceh, TAG. The head of Aceh’s Bireuen district on Friday defended his pick of a woman to lead a subdistrict after local councilors attacked her as an inappropriate choice, but said he had still not decided whether or not to rule she should stay on.

Ridwan Muhammad, speaker of the Biereuen district council, raised the ire of women’s rights activists after he called for the replacement of Plimbang subdistrict chief Anisah, arguing that the Koran prohibited women from leading.
District head Nurdin Abdul Rahman disagreed, but stopped short of contradicting Ridwan.
“I have not yet made a decision. I am still studying the Koranic verses that were cited,” Nurdin said.
The district council, he said, had cited the An-Nisa verse: “Men are leaders for women.”
But Nurdin argued that the context was not appropriate and that the word “leader” was referring more to guidance and teaching for a harmonious household.
“In that verse, it is not firmly stated that women cannot become leaders,” he said.
“I have not found a single Koranic verse or Hadith of Prophet Muhammad that forbids women from becoming leaders.”
Nurdin also said there had been no public outcry in Plimbang over Anisah’s position, as claimed by two unidentified councilors who said riots would break out if she were not removed.
“It is true that at the beginning there were two or three individuals making it a problem, but after she started working, they became supportive of her because her presence has been beneficial for the region,” he said.[]
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