Students from Aceh Flying High

Banda Aceh, TAG. All 27 final-year Aceh students on government scholarships studying at overseas universities had graduated, 23 with flying colors, an official said on Monday.

Qismullah Yusuf, head of the Aceh Scholarship Commission, said two had topped their classes. 

“It makes Aceh proud because those students have not wasted people’s money. They give hope to the education sector of the province,” he said. 

“Their achievements spread a good name for Aceh abroad.” 

The 27 students received full scholarships from the provincial administration.
The program, established in 2004, includes tuition fees, flights and a living allowance. 

The two students who graduated summa cum laude were Zamarkasyi Hasballah, who attended Islam Antarbangsa University in Malaysia, and Fadliadi Ubit, who was at Flinders University in Australia. They are continuing with post-graduate studies. 

Zamarkasyi studied Islamic finance, while Fadliadi, formerly a high school teacher in Pidie Jaya, studied curriculum development. 

“With Shariah law in effect in Aceh, we need more people with Zamarkasyi’s expertise to boost economic development,” Qismullah said, while Fadliadi was expected to help establish four teacher training and development centers. 

There are 500 Acehnese students completing degrees in Australia, Egypt, Malaysia, England, Taiwan, Sudan and the United States. 

“Before leaving, the scholarship recipients were asked to sign contracts saying they would return to help build Aceh,” he said.[]
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