Tight Jeans and Shorts Under Attack in Aceh

Banda Aceh, TAG - Women’s tight trousers and men’s short pants have become the focus of Aceh’s Shariah Police, who have intensified their patrols to get the shameful articles of clothing off the streets.

Teuku Abdulrazak, operations commander of the Shariah Police in West Aceh district, said that patrols were also setting up road blocks and checking the dress of passengers of both private cars and public vehicles. 

“Dozens of people were caught. We lectured them and asked them to sign a contract not to wear non-Islamic clothes,” Abdulrazak told the Jakarta Globe in a phone interview. 

“We also held operations in Meulaboh city and other strategic locations including Teuku Umar Meulaboh University as many students are still wearing tight pants and jeans,” he said.
“Such tight trousers and jeans cause men to be uncomfortable because women show their curves. This is a breach of Shariah law in Aceh.” 

He claimed that the religious police’s actions had the full backing of the West Aceh population. Some people even tipped them off about possible violations in their neighborhoods. 

Abdulrazak said there is a plan to provide long skirts for women caught wearing tight pants so women won’t panic when their trousers are confiscated. “That regulation is still being discussed by ulemas and other experts.” 

He said there were currently 35 cases of Shariah violations being prepared for court by the Shariah police in cooperation with regular authorities. 

“If proven guilty, the Sharia Assembly will decide whether the violators will get the lash or not.” 

He added that following the intense operations, the number of women violating Islamic dress codes had fallen to 20 percent of the female population. 

West Aceh district head Ramli Mansur had previously told reporters that the plan to force violators to change out of tight pants into long skirts had been delayed pending fuller assessment of the bylaw, which was originally scheduled for implementation on Jan. 1, 2010. 

The West Aceh administration has already prepared 14,000 skirts of various sizes in anticipation of the police having the authority to seize offensive pants, Ramli said. 

Operations to hem the wearing of tight pants were also being held in province capital Banda Aceh. On Tuesday afternoon, about 200 girls and women wearing dresses that violated the dress code were caught near Syiah Kuala University. Each was advised against wearing those clothes in the future. 

“In general, when we raid universities, we usually allow members of the Indonesian Moslem’s Student Action Committee to join the operation,” said Iskandar, head of the Shariah Police in Banda Aceh. “If Islamic law is to be implemented, we need self awareness.” 

Syarifuddin, deputy commander for provincial religious police operations, said the force numbered more than 1,500, most of whom were either contract or honorary personnel. 

“We will continue the patrols, particularly on Saturday night, to places suspected as being vice-prone areas, such as Ulee Lheue beach in Banda Aceh,” he said.[]
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