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Two Buddhists Caned Under Shariah Law in Aceh

JANTHO, March 10 ― Indonesia’s only province to impose Shariah law caned Buddhists for the first time Friday, after two men accused of cockfighting opted for punishment under the strict Islamic regulations.

Nurdin Hasan Friday, March 10, 2017
Din Minimi Wants To Live In Normal Life

BBC Photo
BANDA ACEH, TAG – The leader of a once formerly armed group in Indonesia’s Aceh province says he wants to live in peace as a commoner now that he and about 120 of his men have surrendered.

Nurdin Hasan Friday, January 15, 2016
The Story of Din Minimi

Din Minimi during inteviewed by Metro TV in August 2015.
JAKARTA (TAG) – Several different groups appear to be deliberately burnishing the image of a former rebel-turned-outlaw in Aceh to draw attention to his criticism of the provincial government, led by senior leaders of the Free Aceh Movement (Gerakan Aceh Merdeka, GAM).

Nurdin Hasan Tuesday, November 3, 2015
Transgender Woman in Aceh
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BANDA ACEH (TAG) – Indonesia has been called the smiling face of Islam for its moderate religious bent. But for Echa, an LGBT activist in the northern Aceh province, that smile can be deceiving.

Nurdin Hasan
'A Sinner in Mecca' Documents Gay Muslim Pilgrimage
Parvez Sharma

NEW YORK (TAG) – The confession of a Pakistani murderer. Overzealous religious police. An Arab angered his pregnant wife was molested in the holiest site known to Islam.

Nurdin Hasan Monday, August 31, 2015
After a decade of peace, many Aceh ex-rebels left behind
Banda Aceh (TAG) - Fakhruddin Kasem (35) hoped for a prosperous new life when Indonesia struck a deal to end a separatist conflict in Aceh, but a decade on the unemployed former rebel is so desperate he hopes to join the Islamic State group to make ends meet.

Nurdin Hasan Thursday, August 13, 2015
Din Minimi Denies Hand in Killings of Two Soldiers

BANDA ACEH, TAG – Indonesian forces are scouring some parts of Aceh areas to find followers of Din Minimi, a former guerrilla who has taken up arms again to protest what he says is economic injustice in the province.

Nurdin Hasan Saturday, April 18, 2015
Haunted 70 Years on, Determined to Remember

HIROSHIMA, Japan (Reuters) - Hiroshi Harada remembers how his leg sank into one of the bodies blocking a narrow Hiroshima street 70 years ago, as he fled the spreading fire ignited by the atomic bomb.

Nurdin Hasan Sunday, April 12, 2015
American Woman with 8 Husbands Denies Fraud Charges

NEW YORK (Reuters) – An American woman from New York City accused of being married to eight men at the same time pleaded not guilty in state court in the Bronx to two counts of felony fraud that prosecutors say stemmed from a scheme to gain U.S. citizenship for grooms from countries "red flagged" by the Department of Homeland Security.

Nurdin Hasan
200 Years After Tambora Volcanic Blast

BANDA ACEH, TAG – Two hundred years after the biggest volcanic blast in recorded history, scientists have ranked that the countries most at risk of a deadly volcanic eruption.

Nurdin Hasan
Gunmen kidnap, kill two soldiers in Aceh

BANDA ACEH, TAG – Two Indonesian intelligence officers were found shot dead Tuesday, a day after being kidnapped by gunmen in the former separatist rebel heartland of Aceh province in the country's west, a military spokesman said.

Nurdin Hasan Tuesday, March 24, 2015